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Free Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Comedy genre USA For Free dual audio

Release Year=2020;
2 Hours, 3min;
18243 Vote







I loved this movie, but I understand that the humor of a Will Ferrell project may not be to everyone’s taste. Rachael McAdams, however, I think should more than make up for any ill feeling for the humor/writing as she is totally endearing in her role.
The music however is absolutely fantastic and some great background song choices in keeping with the Icelandic origins via Sigur Ros! Most of it is campy as you would expect from Eurovision (and I loved all of it) but there is some genuinely beautiful songs, especially one at the end (which I think will be obvious when you watch it. There was also delightful and surprising cameos from Eurovision personalities, along with some necessary scathing comments from the brilliant Graham Norton!
All in all, this film had me smiling through all of it and it will definitely be one I watch again.